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Iowa fans outnumber LSU fans at Outback Bowl


The amount of fans in Tampa for the Outback Bowl so far heavily favors Iowa.

There is strong talk of Hawkeyes taking over 65,000-seat Raymond James Stadium on New Year's Day and after what was seen on the beach Monday, it's hard to dispute that.

"Every time we come to Florida, we just swarm, we invade it," said one Hawkeye fan. "That's what we call it, ‘The Invasion of Iowa.'"

The weather in Iowa City on Monday was in the teens. It's brutal back in the Midwest for many fans, so they may not want to go home.

"It's actually, where we're at, it's negatives," said another Iowa fan. "So, we're calling our family back home and going, ‘How's it feeling back there because we're looking in the high 70s right now. We're feeling pretty good."

"Head up here, they didn't show up this year," said an LSU fan. "So, it is what it is. We'll still beat them, though."

"I don't think that has anything to do with it," another LSU fan said when asked if he thought the price of season tickets and the travel during the year that people maybe don't have the money. "Louisiana, especially south Louisiana has a strong economy. I think the people have it. I just think the people didn't show up. Spoiled."

However, one very inspired woman more than made up for the Tiger fans not in attendance.

"Roar! Yes I am. Welcome to Tiger Land, ya'll," she said.

The cheerleaders then squared off in a tug of war. It was girls versus girls and then guys versus guys.

"Hang on to the rope," LSU head coach Les Miles told the participants. "Just hang on to the rope."

LSU, unfortunately, came up short in both contests.

The two head coaches will have individual news conferences with the media Tuesday. There will then be a parade and other New Year's Eve festivities.

There's still another day for Tiger fans to make their way to Raymond James Stadium for the noon kickoff on New Year's Day.

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