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State police investigating fake emergency transmissions


They dispatch fire and medical responses throughout northwest Connecticut, but now Litchfield County Dispatch is dealing with a dangerous and disturbing prankster.

Someone is broadcasting made-up emergency calls, and Connecticut State Police want your help identifying the suspect.

Police said this is extremely serious and dangerous, not only because of making the fake calls, but the person canceled actual emergency responses.

"Main Street with smoke coming through the roof," the person is heard saying on the call. "Copy on that?"

The call came into Litchfield County Dispatch, but there was no medical emergency and no smoke showing through the roof.

These fake emergency calls have been called into the Litchfield County Dispatch since Dec. 25, 2012, police said.

"This places many people in danger, certainly the men and women that are first responders, who are responding to these calls," said Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance.

Police said in the instance where the suspect canceled a real call to an actual fire. Some of the firefighters continued on and found that they were needed, Vance said.

Connecticut State Police said the first fake call was made Christmas Day, with the most recent being broadcasted Monday.

State police also said they think whoever is making the fake transmissions is using either a lost or stolen portable radio or programmable transceiver-type electronic device. At this point authorities don't know who is behind the mysterious transmissions.

"Our objective is to identify and stop this kind of behavior," Vance said.

Authorities said once the suspect is found he or she will face criminal charges. Anyone with information about the person should call police.

You can listen to an example of the call here.

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