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Tempe detectives trying to locate 120+ victims of credit card fraud

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Officer Andrew Brooks works the overnight shift patrolling the streets of Tempe. Early Saturday morning he stopped to grab some food at the Quik Trip on Scottsdale Road near the Loop 202 when he saw a man acting a little strange.

"He was trying not to look at me. Trying to be quick about the things he was doing. I noticed that he was buying several hundred dollars in gift cards, which seemed odd to me because it was 3 in the morning," said Officer Brooks.

The officer watched Frankie Cash leave the store and drive to a hotel next door.

"I was able to talk to some people in the area," said Officer Brooks.

Officer Brooks found out Cash had been living at the hotel with his girlfriend Justine Tyler since October. The hotel clerk said he paid every day with a gift card.

The cashier at Quik Trip had a similar story. He said Cash would use a gift card to buy hundreds of dollars worth of reloadable gift cards on a daily basis.

The next night, officers arrested Cash and his girlfriend as they were leaving the hotel.

"He started throwing stuff on the ground, debit cards, credit cards," said Officer Brooks.

"When our officers went into that room, after the search warrant, they found not only drugs, credit card making machines and stolen credit cards," said Tempe Police Sgt. Michael Pooley.

Investigators also found a list of more than 120 names, along with their personal information.

"When you are a victim of identity theft it's very difficult to find the person responsible for that. We have the person responsible for that," said Sgt. Pooley.

The couple faces fraud and drug charges. Cash will also be extradited to Missouri to face charges there.

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