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Some changes to your home could save you some energy costs


Experts said Thursday that making some changes to homes could save a lot in electricity and fuel costs, especially during the recent cold snap.

"It's good to have a good amount of insulation in the attic. Usually about twelve inches or more," explained Daniel Reemsnyder, a home inspector.

Reemsnyder said a telltale sign that a home is well-insulated is if there is snow on the roof after a storm.

He said things like pane windows lead to a huge loss of heat. He can detect such deficiencies with a thermal imager app on his iPad Mini.

"The high energy efficiency won't show up as much," explained Reemsnyder.

Doors are also a key place in a home where heat can escape.

Another thing Reemsnyder recommended was upgrading the furnace, though that can be expensive.

"Older furnaces and boilers are going to be less efficient than newer ones," he said. "Usually older ones are running about 75 to 80 percent efficiency."

Reemsnyder said new high efficiency propane furnaces run at about 96 percent efficiency. He said the difference in the percentage would pay off in the long run.

"It's not going to happen overnight, but over time you will get your return on your investment," he said.

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