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Company matches $500 for carpooling coworkers

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One Valley woman was always there to give her coworker a ride, even after she totaled her car.

Courtney Petr, like many college students, is completely dependent on her car. It's the only way she can commute to school and get to both of her full-time jobs. So when the son of her colleague at Famous Footwear, Dianna Kane, totaled Kane's car, Petr completely understood.

"She stepped up and offered me rides to and from work, so I wouldn't have to quit my job," Kane said.

"Whenever I see someone in need, if I can help them, I want to do everything I can do to help them. And she's a great person. I know she would do it for me and she has, above and beyond," Petr said.

Just two weeks into carpooling, Petr lost control of her car and it flipped over on Interstate 10. Thankfully she was OK but her car was trashed.

"She's a full-time student trying to pay her tuition without any student loans. Helping her mom pay rent just about every month, and she's now shopping for a new car just like I am. So I felt if anybody could use a little extra, she could," Kane said.

"Because of everything that you have done for me and given me rides to work, and I wanted you to know that there is some humanity left in this world. I wanted to Pay It Forward to you and help you out a little bit. So here's paying it forward to help you out," Kane told Petr.

"It's amazing that she thought of me because when I do stuff for people, I don't really feel like I'm going out of my way. I just do what I think someone would do for me. If I was in that position, so it's really nice to see that she saw how much I cared," Petr said.

When their employer, Famous Footwear learned of the situation, they wanted to help. They are giving each of the ladies $500.

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