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Local band sounds and looks like John Lennon


Professionally, Otto D'Agnolo is a songwriter, musician and recording engineer.

But when a local producer saw and heard him, "He mentioned, 'You look a lot like John Lennon.'  I told him that's nothing, you should hear me sing," said D'Agnolo.

"He was not trying to be John Lennon - he was John Lennon.  And when you hear something like that, it was automatic," said local producer Gordy Deems.

Working Class Hero Show was developed as a tribute to the music and spirit of John Lennon. D'Agnolo even has his act down to Lennon's facial expressions.

"I found that to keep my face under control like John's, I put a piece of plastic tape on my forehead and I could feel whether my eyebrows moved," D'Agnolo said.

When it comes to the real Beatles, these gentlemen are understandably excited about the upcoming reunion at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, scheduled to air Feb. 9 on CBS.

"They need someone who could be John. And another great guitar player, maybe they need a George," joked D'Agnolo.

The Working Class Hero Show was developed just last summer and currently performs at casinos and other local venues.  The band has also solidified performances in California and Colorado.

"John is that important to a lot of people, and if we can give people that experience, I'll do this all day long," said D'Agnolo.

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