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CT girl swallows metal bristle from grill brush after summer picnic

Anna Dunn Anna Dunn

A young girl is recovering after having surgery to remove a piece of metal bristle that got stuck in her throat.

Anna Dunn was at a summer picnic and knew something was wrong right after eating a hot dog. 

"I kept putting my fingers in the back of my throat," Dunn said. "There was something there, something was in my throat."

Dunn told her parents and the next day she went to the doctor, but nothing was located. Dunn said the pain seemed to go away for a couple days, but then it would come back. Her doctors said they thought it was strep throat.

"I thought everything was going to be fine now, but after a couple of months it would come back," Dunn said.

Despite antibiotics, Dunn said she still felt something scraping her throat.

"Then she developed a bump that would go away, but kept coming back," said Anna's mother Tera Dunn.

Tera Dunn said her daughter developed irritation because there was an infection.

This incident was frustrating for the entire family because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. A few weeks ago, doctors finally did a cat scan and found a one inch piece of bristle from a wire brush used to clean a BBQ grill.

"They can't tell us what happened, but at the time it was lodged in her esophagus, her tonsils," said Anna's father Chris Dunn.

Anna Dunn had surgery this week. She may have a little scar, but the metal wire is gone.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a warning about these brushes after several cases popped up at hospitals in the northeast.

As for Anna Dunn, her dad said he has replaced his grill brushes with ones without bristles and hopes everyone does.

"But the bottom line is Anna is OK," Chris Dunn said. "Anna is OK and she has a story to tell."

Chris Dunn points out this could have happened to anyone and there are plenty of brushes that don't have metal bristles. 

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