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Retirement worker allegedly stole identity to work in U.S.


A retirement home worker faces charges relating to stealing someone else's identity.

Village Shalom said that they discovered on Thursday that a woman working at the retirement home was doing so under a stolen identity.

"The employee, an illegal immigrant posing as a U.S. citizen, was terminated immediately," according to a news release.

Village Shalom representatives contacted Overland Park police who arrested Laura Corrales-Varga on a charge related to identity theft.

The retirement home uses E-verify system, an online service that checks federal data including Social Security administration records to confirm identities. Because the woman was allegedly using a stolen identity, E-verify did not detect any issues.

The woman went to great lengths to impersonate someone else, Village Shalom said. The retirement home received an anonymous tip that led to the discovery.

"Fortunately this is a unique occurrence at Village Shalom, and we will continue to be vigilant in screening every candidate for employment. The safety, security and well-being of our residents, staff and visitors are paramount, and we have zero tolerance for anyone who would put them or our organization at risk in any possible way," the organization said in its statement.

Overland Park Police Department Detective Byron Pierce said foreigners stealing someone's identity so that they can work in the United States is more common than people realize.

He said he knows of someone who had the IRS reject their taxes because someone had already filed in another state under their name. He said he knows of a woman who had a baby at a hospital under someone else's name. The woman got welfare benefits, which came under scrutiny. The innocent person had thousands of dollars garnished for benefits that she never received for a baby she never had.

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