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CT lawmaker proposes ban on plastic bags


One state lawmaker is now hoping more people will make the switch to cloth bags, and is calling for a tax on plastic bags.

Imagine not having a ball of plastic bags in a drawer somewhere in your house. Soon, in our state, asking for a plastic bag may cost you more money.

That's what environmentalists are hoping for - a ban on plastic bags in Connecticut. 

Close to 100 cities and counties across the country have already done it, the biggest city being Los Angeles. People in those cities told various news outlets that the ban is working fine.

State Sen. Ed Meyer (D-Guilford) proposed this ban in 2011. This time he said he hopes more people are familiar with the idea and it will become a law.

Meyer's ban would put a 5-cent fee on any plastic bags that someone gets from a store.

"I want to encourage people to use cloth bags, which many stores are doing," Meyer said.

He added that he encourages cloth over paper bags because they are more biodegradable.

There are 400 million plastic bags used in this state every year.

"We would find that our beaches would be a lot cleaner," Meyer said. "I know that our habitat would be a lot safer."

However, some people are not supporting this proposed ban on plastic bags. Some business owners said this ban will be another cost for customers and the stores will not get any part of this fee, which will be going to a conservation fund.

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