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Mother allegedly beaten by daughter speaks out to WFSB

Evelyn Nirenstein Evelyn Nirenstein

An elderly woman spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News after police said she survived a brutal attack by her own daughter this weekend.

Evelyn Nirenstein, who is the suspect's mother, said her daughter, 47-year-old Gail Litsky, has bi-polar disorder and is schizophrenic. She added that Litsky has verbally abused her before, but never harmed her physically.

On Saturday, Litsky went unannounced to her mother's home on Huron Drive.

After Litsky's mother let her inside, Nirenstein, 70, told police she was dragged to the kitchen by Litsky. In the kitchen, she was repeatedly physically struck "in the face and body," according to court documents.

"She sat on me and started pouncing up and down and told me if I moved, I'm gonna get hit in the head," Nirenstein said. "Then she took the cordless telephone and kept whacking me in my head with it."

Police said Litsky used a steak knife to cut her mother's hand and burned her with a cigarette.

At one point, Litsky allegedly used her mother's "necklace in an attempt to strangle her to stop her from breathing."

"In the end she tried to electrocute me," Nirenstein said. "She kept saying, 'Why don't you die already? Why don't you die? Have a heart attack and die.'"

After the three-hour-long assault, Nirenstein was left with bruises and black eyes. She had to get several stitches after being cut with a knife, and her elbow and index finger had to be glued together.

"I said to myself, 'This is the end already,'" Nirenstein said.

Nirenstein's granddaughter was home at the time of the assault and did not call the police until Litsky told her to.

Nirenstein said she pleaded with Litsky's daughter, but she would not call. Nirenstein said her granddaughter is "afraid of her mom."

"All these years, I've enabled the both of them," Nirenstein said.

Litsky admitted to authorities she tried to kill Nirenstein after she left Lawrence and Memorial Hospital earlier that day.

"[She] told the staff she shouldn't be released because she was going to hurt someone," according to court papers. "But they released her anyways."

Litsky called the mobile crisis "but that they would not be sending someone out to speak with her."

Nirenstein said the daughter, who suffered from a mental illness, has been failed by the system.

"I feel they were very wrong, saying she called crisis unit and they wouldn't come out this is gonna be checked into," Nirenstein said. "Because this coulda been avoided, if they listened to her and will have a lawsuit against them."

Litsky told investigators that God told her to attack her mother. On Monday evening, she is on mental health watch. She is expected to be back in court on Feb. 25.

Spokesmen told Eyewitness News they can't comment on a situation they may or may not be involved with.

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