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Colebrook using mixture of salt, limestone on roads


What's used to melt ice and snow depends on which Connecticut town you live in.

But with a salt shortage hitting the nation, many towns such as Rocky Hill and Middletown are having trouble getting shipments.

To avoid that problem, one town is trying out something new. It's called limestone, and the town of Colebrook is using it to treat its roadways when it snows. 

The white, chalky and pebble-like substance has been on Colebrook roads for about a month now.

"It seems to be working pretty good," said Colebrook First Selectman Tom McKeon.

Limestone or lime granular is being mixed with salt. Colebrook along with Canaan are the only two using it right now.

McKeon told Eyewitness News it's environmentally friendly, plus it gives vehicles better traction on the roads.

"It gets rid of the greasiness that's been a big problem with the ice on the roads," McKeon said.

Colebrook is using less salt because up to 20 percent of the lime mixture is added, which saves it money.

"The salt runs $78 a ton and the limestone is $15, so it saves money for us," McKeon said.

They need to cut costs.

McKeon said they're already $50,000 over budget due to a lot of little storms, and they need to treat the roads.

Eyewitness News has learned that other towns out in Litchfield County caught onto this experiment and might give it a try.

The towns buy the mixture from an East Canaan Company.

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