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Birds flock to Plainfield company's product

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The Droll Yankees Factory in Plainfield could be described by customers as a buffet for birds.

It said it specializes in bird feeders and a variety of avian accessories.

For the bird watchers, the company said it all comes down to what they're trying to see.

"Different seeds will attract different birds," said Christen Brewer, the company's marketing director. "Sunflower seeds attract a variety of birds so it really is what you're trying to attract and who your audience is."

Brewer said her company started out as a record label at first. When business did not take off, owner Peter Kilham let it go to the birds. She described Kilham as a backyard birder.

"He was an avid inventor and he had a lot of leftover tubing," she explained. "He started messing around with it, punching holes in it made his own tubular bird feeder."

That's when Brewer said Kilham's business took flight.

"We are the first in the industry making tubular bird feeders," Brewer said.

In addition to the timecard punching done by employees, there's a lot of hole punching done inside the factory.

"Our main goal is to make feeding birds, wild birds, as pleasant as possible and have a bird feeder that lasts forever," said Brewer.

Machines punch several holes into each tube. Those tubes are then taken to another part of the factory where workers assemble the rest of the feeders by hand. A metal piece goes into the bottom to keep the seeds in and that's followed by a rod down the center of the tube. The top is then put on along with the perches.

The feeders come in all sizes.

"Some people have big gigantic landscapes so if you get like a hopper bird feeder, like our big top, you can have much more seed capacity," said Brewer. "More seed capacity means you don't have to run out there every day to fill it."

The company's latest addition is its new generation "CJ" bird feeder.

"It is for sunflower and mixed seeds," Brewer said. "The reason why it's such a solid feeder is because our tube is nice and thick and these are made out of metal parts."

Brewer also said the company's feeders are equipped to deal with nuisance squirrels. The caps, bases and perches on its producers are powder coated to deter the animals.

"We are backed up with a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage," she said. "So if your bird feeder gets damaged by squirrels or chewed on in some places they probably will, we will send you or the retailer the parts to get it fixed."

That's not the only promise the company made.

"It's much more than just buying a bird feeder and filling it up. It's about feeding wild birds and keeping a whole ecosystem going," said Brewer.

Bird enthusiasts looking to check out the products made by Droll Yankees can check them out at the link here.

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