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Lots of fender benders reported this winter

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The frequent snow storms this winter are keeping snow plow operators busy as well as many auto body technicians with fender benders.

Employees at body shops throughout Connecticut said they have a backlog of work now with all the fender benders.

"My cousin got in a fender bender," said Megan Studwell. "She has a rental right now. It's been - I've never seen a winter like this."

According to Connecticut State Police, there are more accidents this winter. There are 11 percent more crashes in January 2014 than last January. There were 2,505 in January 2013 while there were 2,772 last month.

"A lot of it is cars are slipping and sliding, sliding into someone's car," said Bill Sullivan, with MJ Sullivan Auto Body. "(It's) not major, but a lot of fender benders. Four thousand dollars or less is big this time of year."

At Dawley's Body Shop in Waterford manager Joanne Dawley said it's not the big heavy snow storms that cause drivers to have wrecks, it's the smaller ones and the icy snow banks.

"When you hit those it's like hitting concrete," Dawley said. "That's been a lot in the last couple of weeks, a lot of bumpers from hitting snow banks."

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