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Mixup has tow trucks running circles in Hartford

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Hartford residents were supposed to be able to park their cars in one school parking, however their vehicles were towed back.

But, late Friday night, the city paid a local towing company to tow the cars back to the school parking lot after the communication mixup.

Cars in the parking lot at Burns Latino Studies Academy were left there throughout Winter Storm Easton. When the parking ban expires, they need to get out so the lot can be cleaned out.

The ban expired Friday at 4 p.m. At 8 p.m., many cars were still in the parking lot at Burns Latino Studies Academy, so the tow trucks came to get them out.

However, those tows were not authorized by the city. Sources told Eyewitness News the assistant principal was the one who made that call and because she didn't follow procedure, the station saw cars getting towed back into the lot here at Burns Elementary School. 

One by one, the vehicles were being towed back in to the lot Friday night. Residents said the incident is the latest frustration over Hartford's snow removal plan.

"This is the only spot you have right here," said Gerardo Molina, of Hartford.

Molina said he fell victim to the parking ban. For Winter Storm Easton, it started Wednesday at 8 p.m. All cars were to be off the streets and in designated lots such as the one at Burns Elementary School.

After the ban expires, towing can being, but not until the police are notified about the tows. In the case at Burns Elementary School, the police were not informed, sources told Eyewitness News.

It was a miscommunication according to the police department. The return tow is their way of making amends.

However, residents, even though in the wrong, said they just wanted more time to clean off their cars. In some cases, they wanted to give the city more time to clear out their normal street parking spots.

"Look at how the street is right now. You got nowhere to park," Molina said. "If you need to move your car after the storm and you need to move it fast, you tell me, where are you parking it?"

Either way, the cars were needed to be removed from the Burns Elementary School lot because a fundraiser with movie star John Leguizamo was scheduled at the school Saturday night.

Eyewitness News was not sure what the average grace time the city gives, but during the last storm, towing and ticketing began the next morning.

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