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Neighbors oppose plans for gun store in Waterbury


Some Waterbury residents told Eyewitness News that they don't want a proposed gun store in their neighborhood.

The owner of the proposed gun store, Brad Zambruski, said they have nothing to worry about.

"We're not trying to compete with Hoffman's or Cabella's," Zambruski said. "We would only deal with people who have the proper credentials and permits and any law enforcement personnel with a badge."

Zambruski said the store will only take up the front portion of 546 South Main St., which is the same place where his other business, Wire Burn Industries, is currently housed.

"Just this front office, which is probably 20 feet by 6 feet," Zambruski said.

Zambruski said the proposed gun store would repair guns and he would only sell a few guns.

"We don't plan on having a big shop," Zambruski said. "We don't have the room for that."

However, some neighborhood residents told Eyewitness News their biggest concern is violence in this community. They said they feel a gun store might contribute to it.

"Absolutely not, right now you can walk down the street and get a gun pretty much without having to purchase it," said Marta Alvarado, of Waterbury.

Alvarado said she is concerned with how close the proposed gun store would be to area schools. The store would be built less than two blocks away.

"We have the adult education right across the street and the grammar school," Alvarado said. "There's a lot of kids that come on and off the bus, so I don't think that would be the most appropriate thing to have especially in this small community."

Neighbors such as Eddie Chisholm said he's for the gun shop because "guns don't kill people, people do."

"Guns don't bother anybody," Chisholm said.

Zambruski told Eyewitness News the only thing holding the store from opening up at this point is police. The police have to complete a background check and verify the necessary permits. Once that happens, they'll be allowed to open.

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