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Winter damaging homes in Connecticut

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With storm after storm, the snow keeps piling up and Connecticut residents are worried how their homes will stand up against this brutal winter.

Icicles can end up being pretty pricey if an ice dam jams up your gutters and water seeps inside your house.

"Keep the roof clear, keep the gutters clear," said Larry Marino, of Kelly-Fradet in Enfield.

Marino said clearing your roof is just one of the many winter worries homeowners are dealing with thanks to the snow that keeps on coming.

"If you can, get the bottom 3 feet of snow off your roof," Marino said. "If not, when it melts, the ice dam builds up and you'll have water inside your house."

Melton snow hasn't been a problem yet because the weather has been so consistently cold. Marino told Eyewitness News that ice dams could become a big issue later this week when the temperatures go up, the snow starts melting and the water has no place to go.

"As the snow melts and it gets warmer out, the water has no place to go, so it goes back under the shingles," Marino said.

After the wild winter of a few years ago, many people learned their lesson. Marino said his company sold out of roof rakes, and we saw plenty of homes with part of their roofs already cleared.

"We have to be prepared," said Eric Cormier, of Enfield. "Every year since that big snow storm."

Marino advised homeowners to salt your steps, walkways and driveway to prevent icing. 

High demand has caused a salt shortage. Snow and ice in Southern states this year has contributed.

Marino also advised residents to make sure their vents outside are free and clear of all the snow that continues to pile up.

"The vent should be clear all the time," Marino said. "The gas could be a problem. If it's backed up, it's carbon monoxide. Also make sure you clean around the fire hydrants, too."

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