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Ice sculptures in Putnam vandalized

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Residents in one quiet corner town are sounding off after someone vandalized an ice sculpture on display for a local festival.

The Fire and Ice Festival was meant to boost tourism, but now local shop owners told Eyewitness News the vandalism has left them wondering who would do this and why. 

Along with other business owners in town, Ann Monteiro sponsored an artist to create sculptures for Putnam's Fire and Ice Valentine's Festival last week. One sculpture was put outside Monteiro's store, The Flying Carpet.

"People were interacting with them and having fun with them and taking pictures with them," Monteiro said.

However, not long after the sculpture outside of The Flying Carpet was completed, someone destroyed it.

"One was completely missing the day after, and I'm not sure how that happens because the blocks weigh like 300 pounds," Monteiro said. "And then the night after we noticed a couple of them had been knocked over and that was just sad."

Monteiro said she paid more than $300 to have the sculpture created. She added she depends on events such as Fire and Ice Valentine's Festival to get her through the slow winter.

"Every time we put on an event like this its like a mini-Christmas for the retail shops," Monteiro said.

Other business owners and people living in the small close-knit community said the incident left them shaking their heads.

"The people - they chip in to pay the money to do and then they come up and find that its all knocked over," said Dave Johnson," who is business owner in Putnam. "It's just (shakes head)."

While there are about two dozen sculptures still standing, the question remains why would someone would do this.

Police said they don't know who did this, but an investigation is underway.

Monteiro said they're not going to let this stop them from doing the festival again.

"Maybe we'll figure out a way to make them more protected next year, so they're not as tempting to the vandals," Monteiro said.

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