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Coupon Fraud with the Crazy Coupon Chick

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The Bristol Home & Business Expo

February 22-23

Bristol Eastern High School

Saturday (11am- 6pm), Sunday (11am – 4pm)


Printable coupons- You are allowed 2 prints per computer. It is illegal to photocopy a coupon and can result in huge fines and jail time

Fine Print- read the fine print on your coupons! The coupon will tell you how you can and cannot use it! Make sure to follow those rules or else the stores do not get reimbursed (EVEN if they accept them anyway!)

Coupon teachers- There are many people out there that coupon and think they can teach others. Be weary of these type of classes. They may not know all the rules and restrictions and if they are couponing wrong, then they will in turn teach you to coupon wrong as well.

There is more and more coupon fraud posted all over the internet. Couponing the wrong way will only make it harder for those who follow the rules. Coupons get released in smaller and smaller values. They exclude smaller sizes, they limit you to how many you can use and ultimately the stores are the ones who lose money. This in turn has created stricter coupon policies. Please follow the rules! It is those few who are going to ruin it for many!


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