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Experts suggest homeowners test sump pumps

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Pouring rain and snow packed closely to homes could keep contractors and plumbers busy this weekend.

John Bachand, who said he has more than 30 years' experience dealing with waterproofing and restoration, said the issue is the snow pack and pouring rain. 

"Now the water stays close to the house, starts creeping anywhere it can find," said Bachand, of JP Bachand Contracting, which is based in Newington.

Homes that often see flooding, could see problems because with there is no place for the water to run off to.

Bachand said if you have areas that typically flood and where water collects, shovel a channel, so there is a pathway for the water to run.

"People, who have the half round window wells, water gets in there like a drain, just as it would find a catch basin in the street and it starts pouring in, hatchways, foundation cracks," Bachand said.

Bachand said while a steady heavy rain won't be good, it could be even more problematic in a week or two if this snow continues to melt and then we get even more rain. 

That's why if you have a sump pump, contractors said now is a good time to make sure it works. Homeowners should test a sump pump by lifting the float or pouring water into the basin.

"Most of them have some type of fixed float on there," Bachand said. "They can just lift it up here if it runs, pour a little water in there to make sure that it's working."

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