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Tainted gas reported in Hartford

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Reports of contaminated gas were under investigation by consumer officials Friday.

The Better Business Bureau said it received calls and complaints from customers who said they had problems with their vehicles after filling up their tanks at a gas station in Hartford.

Customer Charles Nelson told Eyewitness News that he received his gas at the Speedy Food Mart gas station on New Britain Avenue.

Nelson said it cost him $1,000 in damage to his vehicle.

Fernando Soto said he was also a victim.

"I was going up New Britain Avenue and my car started and it broke down," said Soto. "It's been in the dealer ever since."

Gabriel Diaz also said she had problems.

"I'm on my way home and all of a sudden my car starts acting funny so when I get home, I try to start back the car and the car wouldn't start back," Diaz said.

The BBB said it had not been informed of the composition of the suspected contaminant, but said in some cases, gas containing ethanol may contain traces of water after prolonged storage.

"The symptoms of tainted gasoline include stalling, hesitation and difficulty starting the engine," the BBB said in a news release. "In some cases, the vehicle won't start at all. The problem can be fixed by a mechanic by flushing the fuel."

The first of three complaints was filed on Feb. 24, the BBB said.

The BBB recommended keeping payment receipts if drivers feel they've filled up with bad gas. They can also file a complaint with the BBB here.

The gas station posted a sign on its pumps Saturday that stated only regular gas was for sale. The owner said he plans to pay for the damages.

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