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Police warn residents about phishing scam

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Connecticut residents are being warned about a phishing scam where a caller asks for your credit or debit card number.

The Granby police as well as other surrounding departments are advising residents about calls.

The unidentified caller says they are from Simsbury Bank and tells the victim their credit or debit card has been suspended.

During the call, you are asked to press "1" and enter your card number along with the expiration date.

Bank officials have confirmed that these calls are "fraudulent" and posted a statement on its website.

"We are aware that customers have been contacted stating that their debit card is locked and requesting account information. Please do not respond to these calls," the statement read.

Police stated that people who receive the call should hang up immediately without entering any information.

Eyewitness News talked with Fran Armentano, who received one of these calls.

"This sounded like a real call," said Fran Armentano, who was sitting at his desk at Granby Town Hall when he received the call.

Armentano told Eyewitness he thought the phone call was odd because few people have that number.

"They indicated they were from Simsbury Bank," Armentano said. "I have an account at Simsbury Bank so it immediately piqued my interest."

Armentano wasn't the only one that got the call. The town clerk, finance department, the town manager, even the police department got the same call.

Someone there was able to record it.

"All the calls are the same. Apparently its a woman. It appears to be a recorded phone call. It's coming from multiple phone calls across the country," said Martin Geitz with Simsbury Bank.

Officials with Simsbury Bank said current customers and non customers from across Connecticut and Massachusetts have gotten the calls.

It's unclear whose behind the scam, but bank officials said they believe it may be originating in Romania.

"The good news is many of the folks, who received those calls, immediately recognized this was a scam," Geitz said.

So far only three people have fallen victim to the scam, but Eyewitness News has learned they will have their debit cards replaced.

There is a criminal investigation into the calls, but no arrests have been made in this case.

If you receive one of these calls, you are advised to call your local police department and your bank.

"I think today we have to think before we act," Armentano said.

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