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3 Flat Belly Moves with MELT

•             M.e.l.t. is about getting more out of less; you can completely transform from our 30 minute workouts in South Windsor, Glastonbury and Harwinton or with our at home DVD.

•             M.e.l.t. is for people of all fitness levels; I'll show three levels for each

•             Demo of exercises to teach how they can do them

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3 Flat Belly Moves

1.            Saw

2.            V sit

3.            Knee Drives


M.E.L.T. stands for more energy, less time. They specialize in 30 minute workouts for busy people looking to drop body fat fast and tone up. M.E.L.T. ‘s state of the art heart rate monitoring system shows you instant and accurate feedback so you're constantly training towards your goals. Most of all, they pride ourselves on delivering a workout experience, to be the best part of our members day, through a high energy, fun & motivational atmosphere.


They have locations in:

South Windsor



And click here for more information on their At Home Fat Loss & Strength DVD.