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Advancing Medicine: Transplanting Hope Web Chat

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8:02 Comment From Guest

Thank you for your excellent Transplant Program.

8:04 Comment From Denise

I was wondering if someone with Hemophilia could donate organs. No hep or HIV.

8:06 Comment From Hartford Hospital

It would be possible to donate but concerns about bleeding. It is not an absolute contraindication.

8:06 Comment From Guest

Thank you for your excellent Program. I ALSO had a Heart Transplant last April 28 at Yale New Haven Hospital and now feel very well. Dr. Pramod Bonde performed my life altering Surgery after 13 MONTHS with an LVAD. Will be forever grateful to my entire Fantastic Yale Center Team for Advanced Heart Failure and transplantation!

8:07 Comment From Hartford Hospital

In transplant it all one big team and we are all happy you are doing well.

8:09 Comment From Denise

What about donating after death not live donation with Hemophilia ?

8:11 Comment From Hartford Hospital

You could still donate all organs, it is not a contraindication for donation.

8:11 Comment From Maureen

I just caught the very end of the program. Years ago I had the organ donor designation on my license. No longer. What do I need to do?

8:13 Comment From Hartford Hospital

You have 2 choices, you can sign up to be a donor at the DMV or AAA so that it is reflected on your license or just go to and sign up on line! Thank you for your generosity in wanting to help others. Jami

8:13 Comment From Guest

Will this special be accessible online for viewing again?

8:14 Comment From Hartford Hospital

Yes, it is available at the following link

8:16 Comment From jeanne

Dr Hull and Dr Lally performed my kidney transplant from a good Samaritan donor 12 years ago this July. We're both doing well. I'm back to skiing the slopes of Vermont and Colorado and he's since served military time!

8:17 Comment From Hartford Hospital

Great! I am so happy you are doing well!

8:19 Comment From Angela

I am currently awaiting a kidney transplant here in Connecticut. Thank you for bringing awareness to the public regarding the need to be an organ donor. You should do a program about the paired exchange program too.

8:22 Comment From Hartford Hospital

Great idea! We will have more information about the paired exchange program at the following link,

8:29 Comment From Greg

I knew Ron a little years ago when we both were in our heyday. Now we have three transplants between us. And seeing all of the team members is like being at a family gathering. Thank you all for saving my life, and so many others, past and future.