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A look at spring forward

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Daylight saving time (DST) begins this evening at 2 am. At that time everyone will "Spring" their clocks ahead one hour. This is done on the second Sunday of March and lasts until the first Sunday of November in the United States. The reason behind DST is to take advantage of longer daylight to save energy.

Over 70 countries use DST in one way or another. It has been widely debated for close to 100 years. It is also interesting to note that most of the United States observe DST with the exception of Hawaii and most of Arizona.

The first concept of DST came into fruition in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin but was again brought up by George Vernon Hudson in 1895. The real credit for DST is often given to William Willett when he proposed it in 1905.

Daylight saving time was officially adopted in Germany during World War I in order to preserve artificial lighting. Other countries quickly followed suit. President Franklin D. Roosevelt would permanently institute DST during World War II called "War Time."

In the United States, DST caused major confusion for train and bus stations and broadcasting companies as all states weren't required to observe DST at first. The Uniform Act of 1966 would solve this problem.

Daylight saving time is responsible for saving tons of energy for countries and continues to be used and observed today.