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Sorority sister says she was forced to drink until she blacked out

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A University of Connecticut sophomore made it her mission to change Greek life on campus after she said her sorority made her drink to the point of blacking out.

Hillary Holt told Eyewitness News she was hazed by her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters.

"One bottle of wine, three nips, three shots and one beer that I know of," Holt said.

Holt gave Eyewitness News a rundown of the laundry list of drinks she said she was forced to down during a two hour period Thursday night.

"They did put the drinks to our mouths," Holt said.

It started as a normal night out with her sisters at Kappa Kappa Gamma, according to Holt. She said they had dinner at a nearby restaurant and then went to the off campus Sigma Alpha Epsilon house for a night of drinking games. 

"I saw three girls blindfolded," Holt said. "I knew I was going to be hazed."

According to Holt, the sisters made her participate in various drinking challenges.

"If we did it right, we had to drink. If we didn't do it right, we had to drink," Holt said.

The drinking only stopped after a sorority sister took her to her dorm and eventually the hospital.

"I know if I didn't end up in the hospital' I would definitely be dead," Holt said.

Following the incident, Holt said she is on a crusade against what she calls hazing. She has also filed a police report.

UConn officials said they are aware of the incident and have launched their own investigation.

"If any student is found to have violated the code of conduct they may face just a warning or up to expulsion. Same goes for an organized group - they may face just a warning or up to loss of recognition. The incident happened off campus so CT State Police would comment on any criminal charges, if any," UConn said in a statement Saturday. 

When Eyewitness News went to get the sorority's side of the story, there were two state police cruisers outside the house. The people inside the house told Eyewitness News that they had no comment.

Holt told Eyewitness News she's all but done with the sorority. Her new challenge is to change the culture of Greek life at UConn and she says she's ready to see this all the way through with possible lawsuits coming against the school and both the fraternity and sorority involved.

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