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Woman finds memory cards of pictures inside purse bought at Salvation Army

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Imagine forgetting to take out something irreplaceable inside one of your donations you dropped off at the Salvation Army.

That's exactly what happened in Vernon, and now one customer is trying to track down its rightful owner.

Last week, Rachael Sutherland walked into this Salvation Army in the Rockville section of Vernon. 

"My sister was looking at shoes, so I started poking through purses and that's where I saw this," said Sutherland holding the memory cards.

Inside the purse, Sutherland said she found two, 1 GB memory cards, each containing the milestones of someone's life. The photos were of a wedding, a baby shower, the birth of a baby and the third birthday party of a little girl named Arianna.

"The pictures range from 2004 to 2010," Sutherland said. "There wasn't a lot to identify the people on. There were lots of shots of the same people over a span of time, but nothing to give a clue as to a specific family or location."

Eyewitness News has learned that the wedding photos could have been taken at a place called "Eagle Lake." Someone in one of the photos was also wearing a hat with the call letters for a radio or television station in Maine.

Determining who the photos belong to could be difficult, according to officials with the Salvation Army.

According to Jim Gordon of the Salvation Army, it's nearly impossible to match someone up to an anonymous donation such as this purse.

"Although this may have been dropped off locally, we have no idea where it originated from," Gordon said.

However, Sutherland said she's determined to find the owner.

"It's the right thing to do," Sutherland said. "I would hope someone would try to track down me, so I decided I wanted to try and track down the owners."

There are around 130 photos between the two cards spanning from the years 2004 to 2010.

"I'm hoping that the family can be reunited with the pictures because, y'know...this might be the only copy," Sutherland said. 

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