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Lawsuit filed against Wesleyan fraternity alleges rape at party

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Psi Upsilon Psi Upsilon

A $10 million lawsuit was filed Tuesday against a frat house at Wesleyan University in Middletown and its national organization.

The victim claims that she was sexually assaulted at a party in front of other people at the Psi Upsilon frat house.

The 20-year-old alleged victim, whose name was not released, said she was invited to a party in May 2013 with a friend. When they arrived, there was a claim pledges were involved in a strip show.

"This pledge event had been promoted…as an opportunity to engage in sexual encounters with female guests," the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit mentioned people at the party were drunk and underage.

"The pledges began removing all of their clothes and the event got wildly out of control," the lawsuit stated.

Around that time, the alleged victim said she put her coat on and texted a friend to meet her outside.

However, before she could left, the victim said a man "grabbed (HER) around the waist before she could reach the exit, threw her over the leg of a couch, pulled down her leggings and raped her in the presence of numerous others."

The documents also stated the victim went to the hospital where health care providers diagnosed it as a sexual assault. The next day, she filed a report with the Middletown Police Department.

The female student hasn't returned to the campus.

"I can't even describe the pain of being raped, or how much it alters a life, and no other person should ever be forced to have that experience. I hope my experience and lawsuit will create changes that protect others," the victim stated in the lawsuit.

Meanwhile the student accused in the attack was expelled, but never was arrested. Police told Eyewitness News the case is pending.

Wesleyan students told Eyewitness News the school sent out an email about the most recent assault, but it didn't go into great detail.

Tuesday's lawsuit isn't the first time fraternities at Wesleyan have come under fire.

In a past lawsuit, the Beta House on Wesleyan's campus that gained the reputation by students as the "rape factory."

"There are places on campus they're not comfortable going alone, but I think that happens everywhere," said Wesleyan student Aviv Fraiman.

In that 2010 lawsuit, a freshman student claimed she was locked in a room at the Beta House and raped during a Halloween party in 2010.

It also claims another woman was raped at the same house, the same weekend. The attacker didn't attend the school and the lawsuit was later settled.

University officials said sexual violence will never be tolerated on our campus.

"While these fraternities have had some autonomy, all have seen increased scrutiny over the past few years. We intend to focus our attention on improving the safety of these spaces," said Wesleyan University President Michael S. Roth in a statement where he discussed the three residential fraternities.

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