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App helps cut down on noisy neighbors near Quinnipiac

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A group of college kids are trying to make life a little easier for those living near the Quinnipiac University campus by creating an app that informs police of noisy neighbors through a simple text message.

"We realized there was a huge problem at Quinnipiac and other schools in general," said Tom Nassr, a senior at Quinnipiac University.

Nassr and his friends said they knew the relationship between off-campus college students and year-round residents can sometimes be a bit strained.

They came up with the web app,

A person can sign up, providing their email, their address, and their cell phone number. If you're making too much noise, a neighbor would log on and send you an anonymous text.

"If a family is trying to get to sleep and students are having a party, you can click on the house next door and simply send a Kricket," said Stanley Martone, a Quinnipiac student.

In just one month, the organizers of said they have more than 150 houses signed up for the free service.

"It's a warning for them because right now it's either do nothing or the police get called," Nassr said. "So we're the intermediary between getting in trouble and not getting in trouble, so students appreciate it and neighbors like it so they don't have to be the bad guy."

The organizers are currently concentrating on off-campus housing and the nearby Hamden neighborhoods, but the team behind Kricket is thinking big. They're working on bringing their program to apartment complexes and even the Quinnipiac Campus, so students there would be able to send an anonymous note from one dorm room to the other.

"If we leave this up to the students, we'd have them say, 'Hey let me quiet down or there will be an RA coming to my door,'" Nassr said.

For those off campus, it would be the police.

The group hopes to have the app at 10 other universities by the end of the school year.

As for the name, when your searching for peace and quiet, they say it makes perfect sense.

"We just like the sound of Kricket," Martone said. "When you think crickets at night, that's all you want to hear."

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