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Hamden undergoes town-wide spring cleanup

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Public works crews hit the streets of Hamden Wednesday to remove litter that piled up over the winter.

Workers said they were hauling off truckloads of trash they put in bags as part of a spring cleaning initiative.

Since the snow melted, they said quite a collection of garbage was revealed. So they began a town-wide cleanup effort on Tuesday.

In one day, they filled up more than 100, 55-gallon trash bags. The plan was to hit each neighborhood through the rest of the week.

"A lot of times what happens is this time of year, there is stuff from the fall that gets covered from the snow," said Craig Cesare of the Hamden Public Works Department. "And also with the snow plowing, it's all getting moved around so there is a lot of overflow from garbage that gets collected and it's never seen until now."

The director said this was the first time they've put resources into a big spring cleanup project. He also said it was part of a larger plan the department was rolling out.

"I've recommended a new position in the budget, presented it last night and it was requested by the mayor to be funded," Cesare said. "We'll see what happens with the legislative council, but we'd dedicate a person on a daily basis for litter collection, blight, graffiti removal. It's something that's needed in this town."

People in town told Eyewitness News that they agree.

"I think it has to be done," said Jonathan Murphy. "You've got to pick up the trash. It's why we pay these tax dollars."

Crews said they cannot do it alone. They hoped others will pitch in to do their part.

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