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More problems at condemned apartment house in Norwich


A week after tenants were forced to relocate from a condemned apartment in Norwich, a contractor was brought in to start correcting the problems with the building. 

A blue tarp covered the rear roof at 44 Laurel Hill Ave. on Wednesday. The eight-unit apartment house was condemned recently by building officials because of a busted sewer pipe and other problems. 

Last week, there was a dormer on the rear roof and on Wednesday Norwich building inspector Greg Arpin was invited to inspect the hidden problems discovered by a contractor, who is bidding on work the property needs. 

The biggest problem was a sagging roof. 

"A couple of rafters are rotted probably due to water," said contractor Alm Hunt. 

"He's gotta repair everything," Arpin said. "Open the ceilings up in the big area inside and replace everything that needs to be replaced. Right now it's a pretty big failure going on right here." 

More than a week ago, six people who were renting apartments from landlord Carp Realty were relocated to new apartments at the landlord's expense. 

This relocation came after a sewer pipe on the property broke and raw sewage flowed into the basement. The sewage sent nauseous fumes throughout the building.

Eyewitness News asked Arpin what has to be done before residents can move back into the building.

"The sewage problem has to be taken care of," Arpin said. "Every unit has to be gone through by the building department, housing department, health department and fire marshal's office - got to get a clean bill of health on every unit." 

That clean bill of health will be expensive. It was estimated by city officials to be in the tens of thousands, which would be on top of paying back the city $26,000 for relocating tenants, who likely won't be coming back.

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