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Murfreesboro woman attacked by someone in Spider-Man mask

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Murfreesboro police are investigating after a woman said she was attacked at her home by two people wearing masks just feet away from her young child.

The woman didn't see the faces of her attackers, one of whom was wearing the mask of a superhero.

Brooke Parson said she won't forget to keep her door locked again. She was giving her 16-month-old son a bath Sunday night after her husband had left for work.

"I heard some rustling going on, and I thought it was the dog. I decided to come out and saw two people in my kitchen," Parson said.

She didn't see the burglar's faces.

"One wearing a Spider-Man mask. One was wearing a black one," Parson said.

Parson says she believes the intruders were a man and woman, and one of them attacked her.

"They had a baton-type thing, and they knocked me in the side of the face with it. I fell down on the ground, and I just shot up and ran back into the bathroom where Dean was," she said.

According to Parson, the crooks went straight to the family's prescription medication on the kitchen counter.

"Nothing of that importance. I had one or two of my Xanax left over, and my husband is on a Suboxone regiment. And I'm not quite sure why anyone would want any of those," she said.

The mother says her main concern was making sure her son was safe.

"It was pretty horrifying," she said.

Police were called to the scene about 45 minutes after this happened. The mother says she waited so long because she was simply in shock.

"Also in the past I was raped several years ago. I also had a detective tell me I was a liar. So it's very hard for me to deal with police officers," she said.

Parson says since the medication was on her kitchen counter, she fears the intruders may be someone she knows or someone who has been inside her apartment.

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