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Identical triplets born 10 weeks premature in Findlay

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The odds of having identical triplets with no fertility drugs are about 1 in a million.

"We hit the baby lottery," said father David Flick.

At just 30 weeks pregnant, the Findlay mother had a feeling their lives were about to change as soon as the doctors noticed something was wrong on Monday.

She knew her girls would be delivered that day.

Due to the babies being born so early, the family will not all be living under the same roof until at least June. The new norm for the Flick family includes a long walk down the Newborn Intensive Care Unit hallway, a quick and thorough hand washing, and then it's time to see Kiley, Keeley and Cami Flick.

David Flick and Haley Hassan already have two little girls, Caitlen at age 11 and Kenley at 18 months. They found out they were pregnant again on September 30. About a month later at their first ultra-sound, they got the surprise of their life, times 3!

"Well, before we had the ultrasound, I kept asking him, 'Are you sure this is the last one? That will only make 3,' and then the ultrasound tech said, 'Did you just say you wanted 3? Because there are 3 heartbeats in here,'" said Hassan.

"It's just the shocker of a lifetime," said Flick.

Born at 30 weeks on March 24, a doctor describes the girls as being in serious condition, but they are doing well. Kiley and Keeley weigh 2.2 pounds. Cami weighs just 1.1 pound.

It's going to be a challenge with the girls being in Toledo Children's Hospital until at least their original due date of June 2 but it's a challenge this growing family is ready for.

"It's hard, but we know they are in there for a reason. They'll get the best care and this is where they need to be. We have a strong family. We have a faith, we're strong. It's in god's hands. We trust the man above," said Hassan and Flick.

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