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New report reveals details of Cloverleaf bones research


A new report and pictures reveal the findings of extensive research done regarding the skeletal remains recovered near the former Cloverleaf Mall.

Researchers say the site was most likely an old cemetery, where five men and one woman were buried. They reportedly range in age from 25 years old to older adults.

One year ago, we visited researchers putting this report together. They told us the bones reveal that these people did some heavy lifting, carrying objects on their head causing neck crushing injuries. They also say a leg bone and scar show the people did d a lot of manual labor, like squatting.

The bones also reveal multiple episodes of stress and disease that these people probably suffered during childhood.

The remains were not in great condition, but some of the artifacts did stand the test of time. Nails and coffin handles tell researchers these people probably didn't have a lot of money. Though some of the handles were fancy, they didn't match- indicating they used what was available.

Also uncovered, were things like buttons, a hat, collar stays, a buckle, even a perfume bottle.

Because of the layout of the graves, researchers do not believe the people are related.

Property and census records indicate the location used to be a plantation, with slaves. And after the civil war, it's possible the former slaves stayed on to work and live at the property. Researchers think the people in the graves, could have been their children.

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