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Grandmother relieved after car, grandson found after carjacking


Police are still searching for the man who stole a paper carrier's SUV with her sleeping 12-year-old grandson inside.

It all happened while they were on their way to deliver the Sunday paper, but instead of delivering the news, she was trying to find her grandson.

Margaret Grayson never imagined making the front page of the same paper she's been delivering for more than 30 years.

Monday's headline read "Child, SUV recovered."

‘Terrified. Heart broken," said Grayson. "Like it was all my fault, everyone wants to blame me."

Grayson was on her way to her usual route on Sunday morning to deliver the paper while her 12-year-old grandson, Christopher, slept in the back seat.

"So I get through rolling," she said.  "I load the car and I go to Parker's to buy gas because my car is blinking ‘empty, empty, empty.'"

She filled up at the Parker's near DeRenne and Skidaway and then ran inside quickly, careful not to wake her grandson.

"I didn't want to leave him at the pump," she said. "I pulled up to the door, left it running. I get halfway across the floor to the drink machine and he had already grabbed my car."

Her car, along with Christopher, was gone.

Still waiting for police to respond, Grayson said her fellow paper carriers sprung into action.

"But the paper carriers on our route, our drop, chase him down Skidaway Road to Henry Street," she said.  

While they lost the driver there, another paper carrier spotted him at a Walmart, but he got away again.

Three hours later police found the car near the Coastal Empire Fairgrounds with Christopher unharmed, but with a criminal still on the loose, Grayson said the police needs to do more to catch the man responsible.

"Total relief, but still no respect for the city police department," she said.

Grayson said she hopes gas stations start cracking down on loitering to prevent situations like this.

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