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McIntosh Co. school officials arrested to remain in jobs


The McIntosh County school board just wrapped up their meeting. WTOC has just learned that all three school administrators arrested Wednesday on charges of failing to report child abuse will remain in their jobs.

A motion to suspend the superintendent, assistant superintendent and the principal of McIntosh Academy was not seconded by anyone on the board.

This comes after the superintendent; assistant superintendent and high school principal were arrested on charges of failing to report child abuse. Investigators say a high school teacher was having sex with at least two students. They said all three school administrators bonded out of jail Wednesday.

WTOC was told the superintendent and assistant superintendent actually showed up for work Thursday. Officials at the board of education have refused to make any comment, but the deputy superintendent said this was a called board meeting and was not originally on the agenda. McIntosh County is a tight knit community.

Many residents are in shock. A retired teacher said they all should have known better because all educators in Georgia are required to attend state mandated workshops on child abuse.

"We were told all about being state mandated reporters- if you don't report something that you might expect - any kind of abuse of a child then you're legally at fault," said Sharon Peters, a retired teacher.  

Superintendent Ernestine "Tina" Kirby and Assistant Superintendent Larry Day are facing misdemeanor charges. Principal Terrance Haywood is charged with a felony for reporting a false statement in writing.

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