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Henrico's East End boosts crime watch, offering bigger tip line rewards


Residents in Henrico's East End are joining forces to fight crime. The community rallied together Thursday night to talk about implementing new crime prevention techniques like involving more people and offering larger rewards.

Fighting crime in the East End has become increasingly a group effort. Neighbors are acting as one huge set of eyes. Officer Jermaine Alley, who oversees the communities surrounding East Highland Park, said, "They have come together as a community in the last three years, farther and wider than I would have expected."

Now, community leaders are encouraging churches to get involved in the crime watch as well.

"There's a lot of people that go to church," said resident Robin Ballard, who attended the meeting at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center. "They're good people. They want their neighborhood safe, and crime free. So, I think that's a wonderful idea."

Perhaps the biggest push is driving more support for Crime Stoppers. The community wants to double the reward for the anonymous tip line.

"Crime Stoppers is at $1,000," said community advocate Richard Hatcher. "We, as the group here in Fairfield District, want to double that to a $2,000 reward," for a tip leading to the arrest of a person committing crime.

Police agree, the Crime Stoppers tip line generates leads from people of all walks of life.

"You've got a lot of older population in the community who are technologically savvy. They do have emails. They do know how to text message," said Alley.

This type of involvement has helped keep crime to a relative minimum in this section of the East End.

"I am happily delighted with what we are as a community right now," Alley said.

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