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Patients lose weight through hypnosis program

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A diet plan from just across the Connecticut border has been turning heads not because of its effectiveness, but because it uses hypnosis.

The Key Hypnosis in West Springfield, MA has been in business for a decade.

"I use hypnosis techniques," said Julie Ann Kibe, the owner. "Things that I know, and foods that change the pain, and discomfort and addictions in the body."

She said clients pay up to $600 each to participate in three group sessions.

Dozens of clients told Eyewitness News that they dropped several sizes through the program.

"I see you once. I see you again in a week. I see you again in two weeks," said Kibe.

In each session, everyone in the group of 30 to 35 people is hypnotized.

"I get them all within a few minutes and they've got to stay there for four hours," she explained.

Kibe said she spends that time talking to their bodies.

"I ask their bodies not to absorb the extra calories so that the person can eat what they need until they get control," she said.

"She talks to your inner being," one client said. "And she tells that being that things are going to be okay."

"She's talking to your subconscious," another client said. "To remember things."

In that state, Kibe said participants received detailed information about avoiding the processed foods packed with preservatives that can wreak havoc on the body. They also learn to focus on natural whole foods.

One of the main themes of the eating plan is to eat equal amounts of meat and vegetables.

Aside from lemons, limes and tomatoes, Kibe said fruits are a "no-no." So is bread and counting calories.

"There is no such thing as calories on my diet," she said. "They can eat 10,000 calories a day if that's what they need. And they all still lose weight."

"You're hungry, you eat," a client said. "It's amazing. I mean, my God. This saved me from breast cancer. They said they wouldn't have found it so early if I hadn't lost over 100 pounds."

A couple who identified themselves as Kate and Mike said due to the weight loss they achieved, they became free of diabetes.

Bruce Rapose of Enfield said it helped him cut down on medication.

"I was Type 2 diabetic," Rapose said. "I'm off those meds. I was hypertension and my blood pressure is down to normal. It's great."

Kibe said she realized some people may be skeptical of the hypnosis, but her clients said they became believers.

She said her waiting list is 3,000 people deep.

To check out The Key Hypnosis for yourself, click here.

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