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Chef Plum Makes Beet Fries

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Beet Fries


2-4 Beets (cooked until tender in salted boiling water then cooled)

3/4 cup corn starch


1teas smoked paprika

oil for frying

zest of a lemon



1. remove the skin from the beets

2. slice in to small rectangular strips

3. combine the cornstarch, paprika, and a little salt.

4. Toss the beets in the cornstarch until thoroughly coated

5. Shake off the excess starch and drop into hot oil, about 375 degrees

6. Remove the beets when they float and feel crisp

place them on a rack not on plain paper towels (they will re-absorb the oil that drains)

6. add the lemon zest to about 3 tbls of salt and sprinkle on the beets, you may not use it all.