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Spas and salons see increase in 'manscaping' business

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Waxing via 'Manscaping' has become a popular option at spas. (WFSB photo) Waxing via 'Manscaping' has become a popular option at spas. (WFSB photo)

With summer set to arrive in a couple of months, local salons and spas said they've seen an increase in business, but not from women.

They said a lot of men have been knocking on their doors.

In 1977, spa workers said it was a different time. Men and women had more hair. Fast-forward to 2014 and a lot of men, including Glenn Perra, said they were going for a cleaning look.

"For me it's just kind of taking care of some of the hair that's in spots that I don't really prefer for it to be," said Perra, of Vernon.

Many people call it "manscaping." Employees at the Body and Sole Day Spa in West Hartford said it's done there often.

"Manscaping is removing unwanted hair from the arms, shoulder, back, full leg, stomach, eyebrow," said Maria DeBartlo, owner of the Body and Sole Day Spa.

DeBartlo admitted that scenes from movies like "40-Year-Old Virgin," where actor Steve Carrell had his chest waxed, tended to be the visual on some men's minds.

"Their visual is that movie and they have, I honestly believe, a lower threshold for discomfort than women do," DeBartlo said.

Perra, however, downplayed the pain of waxing.

"It's really not that bad," he said.

Men have the option to take manscaping to the next level. Where women have Brazilian wax to put their best look forward in a bathing suit, there is a similar option for the guys.

It's called the "Manzilian."

A recent study released in October showed that men were really taking a liking to spas. The International Spa Association Foundation said 47 percent of spa-goers were men these days.

Joyce Cosenza, owner of The Spa in Essex, said she's noticed it.

"I think it's becoming more, for a lack of a better word, socially acceptable to get a massage," Cosenza said. "And the men that normally wouldn't come to a spa, wouldn't even dream of it, their wives or girlfriends drag them here and once they get a treatment, they're hooked."

Some even get gift certificates from their wives.

"You know, you always seem to be on the go all the time and it's a nice way to relax," said Belden Libby of Essex.

Libby said he heads to the spa for a massage every month or so.

Massages were the most popular spa option for men, but employees said they do come for other things.

"Pedicures, manicures, waxing," Cosenza said. "And facials. Gentlemen's facials."

Libby admitted that it was intimidating to come in the first time.

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