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Couple: Hospital messed up STD test

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It has been a rough 24 hours for a husband and wife after they were told they had chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease.

It caused some confusion between the two, but now they say it was the hospital that messed up the test and may have gotten others wrong as well.

The woman, who asked that KCTV5 News to not identify her, said a lab inside Truman Medical Center got the results completely wrong and called her Wednesday to inform her about the mistake.

She is still ashamed of the diagnosis she received, even though she never had it.

She says she went to her doctor for a routine check up last week and then got a call from the lab Tuesday when the results came in.

"They called me yesterday and said it was positive," she said.

The lab told her she had chlamydia and as anyone could imagine, she didn't handle that news well. It caused a riff between her and her husband of four years.

"I was hurt. I was confused. I was distraught. He is telling me 'no, no. I haven't had sex with no one else.' And I'm like, 'I haven't had sex with nobody else. Somebody's lying,'" she said.

However, it turned out no one was lying.

Truman Medical Center called her back Wednesday and said those results were false, caused by contamination inside the lab.

She says she was not the only person who received a false positive.

"She said that this goes weeks back. And I told her, 'thank you, but can you give me any information on how this could have occurred?' And she said, 'all we can say is 'we're sorry,'" she said.

She and her husband are both relieved, even though they're still nauseous because of side effects from the medication they took for a condition they didn't have. But they still want answers.

"I would like to know how this could have occurred. How can weeks of results get contaminated and you not know," she said.

Truman Medical Center sent KCTV5 News a statement saying, "we had some false positive results on the chlamydia test therefore it is safe practice to notify the patient so that a repeat test may be obtained. The bottom line is no patients were harmed."

There is no word on just how many false positive results were reported.

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