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Police searching for Sandy Hook playground vandals

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Police were looking for whoever spray-painted part of Sandy Hook victim Ana Grace Marquez-Greene's purple playground at Elizabeth Park in Hartford.

Someone close to the family said she cleaned up the graffiti herself late Sunday night.

The beautiful playground is in honor of a little girl who spent a good portion of her life at Elizabeth Park, which it why is was built there.

Children played on the playground Sunday and parents noticed something that wasn't there before.

"It looked like they were doing something to memorialize her, but to me it's still vandalism and wasn't meant to be," said Nicole King.

Letters that look like "B-E-K-S," a peace sign, the number two and the words "Sandy Hook" were spray-painted across a sign at the playground.

It was minor vandalism, but police noticed it.

"Hopefully they can find something out because it shouldn't happen to playgrounds where kids are playing, especially if it's in memory of someone," Charlotte Mansfield said.

A total of 26 playgrounds are being built in honor of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. It's taken countless volunteers, donations and contractors to put it all together. The playgrounds are estimated to cost about $100,000.

Ana Grace's was the 18th playground built.

"I enjoy seeing other kids running around, she's having a good time, her father and I are having a good time and it's really pretty and purple makes it better," King said.

Purple was Ana Grace's favorite color. Her playground was opened a month ago, and many people hope the graffiti ended here.

"That just opens up for other people to do things that maybe good intentions but still doesn't look good," said King.

"You need things like that in the community, so for them to do that is kind of sad," Mansfield said.

If anyone has information about who may have damaged the sign they're asked to call Hartford police.

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