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McIntosh County fisherman catches rare shark in Florida


A McIntosh County fisherman is back after catching a unique creature recently.

Carl Moore mostly catches royal red shrimp, but during his most recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico he found something rarer than a ruby.

"Man, it was like finding a dinosaur bone in your back yard," said Moore.

Moore caught a shark, but not just any shark: a goblin shark.

"I could tell it was a shark because I could see its tail," said Moore. "And when I lifted it up off the deck and the boys popped the bag, his head came out first and I told my boys, ‘man, what an ugly thing right there.'"

Goblin sharks look more like extra terrestrials than underwater wonders, with distinctive features like a long snout and protruding jaw with needle like teeth.

"I actually had a tape measure in my hand, and I told my guys we're not going to measure him if you get around those teeth and he slashes his head the wrong way that thing will hurt ya," said Moore.

According to NOAA fisheries, there is only one other report of a goblin shark seen in the Gulf of Mexico, and that was almost 15 years ago.

Goblin sharks are probably one of the rarest sharks in the world, and the capture that occurred off of the Florida Keys last week was only the second record of a goblin shark off the Gulf of Mexico.

If it wasn't for the smart phone he just bought to show the pictures to his grandson, he may not have captured this record find.

"I just started snapping a few pictures for him, and he was still alive, and I told the guys let's get him back overboard while he's still alive," said Moore.

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