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Trumbull mother, daughter charged with animal cruelty


A mother and daughter are charged with leaving nine dogs with no food or water for at least a month.

They apparently just moved out of the Trumbull home and the dogs were found in the residence, which was in shambles.

Charlotte Mines, 28, and her 53-year-old mother, Deidre Mines appeared in Bridgeport Superior Court on Tuesday. Only Eyewitness News cameras were there when they left court and tried to get to their car.

Charlotte Mines told Eyewitness News "it was a big understanding. I don't want to say anything."

The Mines were both charged with animal cruelty after police said they moved out of their home and just left the dogs there. 

A United Illuminating official saw one of the dogs through a window while checking on the home after the power was shut off for a month. The UI worker called police.

"As we were getting her we heard some whimpering and we went into another room and found the eight puppies," police said. 

Trumbull Animal Control Officer Lynn Dellabianca shared some of the photos showing the dogs, so hungry they were basically skin and bones. The house was covered in feces and the dogs were starting to eat non-food items such as beaded necklaces and even a push pin.

One x-ray showed an earring still inside one of the puppies. One of the dogs was hours from dying.

"One of the puppies was lying there very cold to the touch," Dellabianca said. "We weren't even sure we could save him."

All nine dogs spent a week in a hospital and are healthy again. Dellabianca said he just can't figure out why they weren't called. The mother and daughter could have dropped them off at no charge, so they could have found new homes before abandoning them.

"Something more could have been done rather than close the door and starve them to death, which is basically what they were doing," Dellabianca said.

After making full recoveries, all nine dogs have new families now. The mother and daughter will be back in court next month.

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