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Mother incites brawl at high school, 2 adults, 11 students arrested

Tamica Graves, Secquita K Graves Tamica Graves, Secquita K Graves

According to Clayton County Schools Police Chief, Clarence Cox, two adults were in the thick of an 11 student melee in and around the office at Charles Drew High School.

Secquita K. Graves, 32, and Tamica Graves, 36, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting a school and simple battery. All of the students involved were also taken from the school.

According to Cox, this all started over posts on social media. Those posts were causing rising tension between two female students, and the school administration wanted to diffuse the situation.

They turned to the girls' mothers for help in doing that. Unfortunately, the mothers were just as hot-headed as their children, according to Cox.

"Parents became irate, and felt that their child particularly was picked on and they decided they would take matters in their own hands," said Cox.

According to police, while they were in the front of the office near the glass windows, Secquita Graves, the mother of one of the girls, instigated a fight between her daughter and the other student.

Friends of both girls outside the office saw what was happening and the brawl broke out.

Tamica Graves, Secquita's sister, was at the school and jumped into the melee to help her, according to police.

Both women are accused of hitting children during the fight.

Other students at the school are disappointed by the adults actions.

"I heard about it, yeah, it's very despicable," said Dontez McKinney, a junior at the high school.

According to McKinney, any parent who can't resolve a conflict between children, isn't very mature themselves.

Secquita Graves was charged with misdemeanor disruption, disorderly conduct, simple battery, and contributing to delinquency of a minor and was given a $10,000 bond

Tamica Graves was charged with misdemeanor disruption, disorderly conduct, and simple battery and her bond was set at $7,500.

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