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Court records reveal Marty Cobb's disturbing home life


Court records reveal new details in the tragic case of Marty Cobb, who was killed trying to save his sister from an alleged sexual assault. They show the children's life was chaotic and disturbing even before the night of May 1st.

The court documents obtained by NBC12 expose what life was like for Marty Cobb and his sister inside their south side home. They paint a picture of a difficult upbringing, with quite a bit of time spent in court.

Criminal complaints, summonses and warrants illustrate the police and department of social services workers were a consistent presence in Marty Cobb's and his sister's lives even before that tragic day in the beginning of the month.

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Assault and battery, failure to obey court orders, failure to refrain from alcohol, failure to send her child to school are all offenses listed in the court record for the children's mother.

We learn the most from the narrative that goes along with a criminal complaint against Sharain Spruill from August of 2011.  We've even uncovered an emergency protective order issued after an incident of abuse. The sister Marty tried to save was nine at the time.

The account we've found shows a witness observed Spruill walk into a room and slap her daughter in the face while she was asleep. Her daughter woke up and then Spruill "punched her in the back."  The filing from the police officer reads the child "seemed terrified of her mother" and the witness said "the physical abuse happens all the time, especially when the offender is drunk." Spruill pled no contest in October of 2011.

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The court deferred adjudication and ordered her to attend counseling and training, but a later record says she failed to appear at three classes at Richmond Stop Child Abuse Now. Spruill reported she had no money for transportation, but the probation officer writes "SCAN" not only provides bus passes, but child care, as well. Spruill finally complied in March of 2013.

A hearing for the 16-year-old charged with killing Marty and strangling his sister during the assault, is scheduled for next week.

From here on out, it may be difficult to get information on this case because a gag order has been issued.

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