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WY: Boy with disability sets walking record of 500 miles

At a Wyoming elementary school, teachers and students rallied to support a boy with a disability that affects his legs, but not his spirit.

Fifth grade student Nate Watson walked his 500th mile at Sagebrush Elementary School.

Teachers and classmates cheered for Nate as he reached the milestone that began during his kindergarten year.

"It's cool that everyone is out here," said Nate, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Doctors told his parents he would be confined to a wheelchair by 12 years old. Nate proved them wrong.

"Here he is, and he's still getting around," said Nate's Mother Dara Watson. "He just got the crutches this year."

Walking improves Nate's condition by strengthening his leg muscles.

"He loves to do it. It's his favorite thing to do is to get out and walk," Watson said.

"It takes four laps around this playground to equal one mile, so that means Nate has walked around this playground 2,000 times over the past seven years," said Linda Gifford, who was Nate's teacher during his first year at the school.

Gifford said he couldn't climb the slide or swing at recess, so he started to walk laps.

"Every time he would do one lap at the beginning he would fall ten times, and get back up, brush himself off and start again. Never complained one time."

Gifford said Nate's drive inspires teachers and students.

"He's a hero...for the whole school," Gifford said.

Nate's prize for the milestone was a summer pass to the pool.

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