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Big rig narrowly misses school bus, student


The driver of a big rig could face some serious charges after being caught on camera speeding past a stopped school bus.

It happened in Paynesville, MN, on Friday according to police.

Dashcam video from the bus's morning route showed the close call.

Bus driver Mike Egerman said he was stopped on a rural highway to pick up seventh grader Alexis Schwartz.

"It was so close," he said.

However, just as she stepped towards the bus, a semi-truck went around the bus's lowered arm and flashing lights. The truck used the highway's shoulder, right near Alexis.

"He came here and wouldn't stop so I just backed up a little," she said.

"As the semi went by there was nothing but dust and I thought she was dead," said Egerman. "All the sudden her little face appeared."

Egerman said Alexis was there, but the semi was gone. Its driver never stopped.

Several people watched the whole thing happen and called police. No one was able to get the big rig's license plate number.

"It's unbelievable he didn't stop," said Egerman.

"She could've been long gone," said Tracy Adams, a mother.

"I'm lucky I survived," said Alexis.

Police said the truck's driver contacted them about the incident. No other information was released.

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