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Elementary students served dog treats

New Hanover, PA -

During recess last Thursday afternoon, students at an elementary school thought they were being handed a cookie, but it turned out to be a cookie not meant for a human.

The Superintendent of Schools in New Hanover, PA said about 75 fourth grade students were served dog treats during recess by a part-time aide.

An email was sent home to parents of students at New Hanover Upper Fredrick Elementary saying that their children were served dog treats that came from a pet store.

"I thought ‘wow, did I really eat dog treats? Something my own dog eats'?" one student said, who wished remain anonymous.

The aide who handed out to treats to students has been placed on administrative leave and was acting alone, school officials said in a statement.

"Our research on the product indicates that the treat ingredients would not be harmful to people, with exception for those individuals with specific food allergies," the statement continued.

Parent Lynn McGuckin said she was a lunch aide at that school for four years, and said she doesn't know what would possess someone to do something like this.

"We weren't allowed to hand anything to the kids," McGuckin added.

School district officials said no illnesses have been reported, and that they are investigating the situation.

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