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Little boy battles cancer and super villain


He's known throughout his community as "Striker Boy," not only because he's beating leukemia, but because he freed his town from almost certain doom.

Jaylen Hyde, 9, was transformed into a superhero with the help of a team of Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteers to battle a villain named "Sneaky Pete."

"Is it so hard for an alligator to get a snack these days?" asked the half man, half reptile Sneaky Pete as he roamed the streets of South Florida.

But no need to worry. Striker Boy was there to save the day.

The masked-wearing avenger was more than a superhero. Supporters called him a super boy with super strength.

"He's been going through leukemia for the past year," said Dalia Rodriguez, Jaylen's mother. "We found out last year in January, so it's been a long run. But he's doing good. He's in remission right now."

The first order of business was to defuse a bomb Sneaky Pete planted at a soccer complex. Striker Boy brought his sidekick who was also his brother.

After that, it was on to the next adventure. It was all part of Make-A-Wish's carefully planned dream for Jaylen.

"We're going to go up in the sky and look for Sneaky Pete from the sky," said Laurie Melendez, the event's coordinator.

As Striker Boy put out one fire, Sneaky Pete was literally setting real fires all over town.

The little superhero's job was just getting started.

However, it wouldn't take long before Striker Boy and his sidekick brought the villain to his knees.

"You're under arrest!" shouted Jaylen.

"You can't hold me forever!" responded Sneaky Pete.

Striker Boy said he wanted to make sure Sneaky Pete would be put away for good, so he jumped in the "Striker Mobile" and personally escorted him to jail.

Afterwards, he briefed the media and even removed his mask so he could face cancer head-on without any fear.

When asked how it felt to be a hero, he simply said "good."

"He's a fighter," said Rodriguez. "We knew he was going to beat that battle, just like he was out there fighting today. He was going to fight that battle today and beat cancer."

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