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Apache Junction considering ads on city vehicles

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It's no secret agencies everywhere are strapped for cash. But when it comes to figuring out how to bring in more money, some cities are getting pretty creative. One Valley city is even considering putting advertisements on city cars. 

"You can't see us putting a bail bondsman sign on the side of a police car, I just don't want to go there," said council member Chip Wilson. 

He said Apache Junction already partners with businesses for some events - like their Fourth of July celebration. 

"You've seen the rodeos where they've got the banners along the fences, it's name recognition," Wilson said.

The city is looking to expand what they call their Corporate Partnership program to possibly even include ads on city vehicles.  

"I want to make sure the people of the city of Apache Junction know we're not giving the blessing of one business over another," Wilson said. 

"You can, on the bottom, say not endorsed by the city, but is the everyday guy going to see the ad or are they going to see the not endorsed by the city?" Vice Mayor Robin Barker asked.

While the city said it will set guidelines, like no alcohol or tobacco companies and no ads on police cars, Barker is still afraid small businesses who can't afford to advertise with the city will lose out. 

"I think that it's unfair," Barker said. 

The city will be researching this before it's brought before the council again. And they're not alone; the city of Phoenix tells us they plan on studying this idea in the next year.

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